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To our TJHS School Community:

After consultation with our SRO, we will immediately make the following adjustments at TJHS:

1)  We will maintain one secured point of entrance at all times accessible to the public--the main entry off of the front circle drive. No longer will entrance be facilitated by the office through the gym east entrance, numbered  "8".

2)  SRO Bolinger will maintain a Kiosk/check in station at the main entrance at various times throughout the day.

3)  Entry by students through the gym east doors "8", west doors "12", and northwest doors "11" is no longer permitted. All students must enter through the main entrance unless accompanied by a building staff member.

4)  Doors will no longer be unlocked at any time for entrance in the morning. This includes the north lot faculty entrance and the student entrance on the west side of the building facing Taco Bell.

5)  Visitors are required to utilize the main entrance to request entry into TJHS and will no longer be buzzed in by the east gym entrance.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office at 824-4924 and request to speak to Mr. Bruder or Mrs. Wise.